Truffles and co.

Gourmet food

Scallops, confit tomatoes and chickpea cream with Summer Truffle

Ingredients For 4 People:


 16 Scallops


200g Tomatoes

30g Butter


Salt And Pepper To Taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

90g Of Chickpea Cream With Summer Truffle


Cut The Tomatoes Into Wedges In Equal Parts And Lay Them With The Peel Facing Down On A Baking Sheet Lined With Parchment Paper. Season With Salt, Sugar, Thyme And Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bake For 3 Hours At 90 °.


Scallop Procedure:

In A Non-Stick Pan Heat The Butter, Add The Scallops And Cook On Both Sides. Heat The Chickpea Cream And Make It Flow By Adding A Little Water If Necessary.



Place The Cream Of Chickpeas And Summer Truffle On The Plate, Arrange The Scallops Evenly And Decorate With The Confit Tomatoes.